Same Day Tax Return

First Choice Tax Services is pleased to offer Same Day Tax Returns. Walk in with your taxes and walk out with your money!

  1. When you drop off your taxes you must tell us that you’d like a Same Day Tax Return.
  2. Your file will be reviewed to determine if you qualify for the service**.  We will prepare your tax return and verify how much money you have coming back from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  3. If you qualify for a Same Day Tax Return, we’ll give you 85 percent of the first $300 of your income tax refund and 95 percent of the rest. For example, if you have a $1000 refund, the amount you’ll receive $920.00. The $80 fee covers the entire cost of the Same Day Tax Return, including tax preparation.

**First Choice Tax Services reserves the right to determine qualifications for Same Day Tax Returns.

Same Day Tax Return fees are set and regulated by the Federal Government of Canada. The fee structure is as follows: 15% of the first $300 of your income tax refund and 5% of the rest. The discounted amount covers your tax preparation, filing fee, and fee. It does not include any applicable tax (GST).


  • Total Refund = $1,200.00
  • 300 x 15% = 45.00
  • 900 x 5% = 45.00
  • Total Fee = 90.00 + GST (5%) = $94.50
  • Your refund = $1,105.5

** Other qualifications may apply. Drop in or call one of our office locations for more information.