Personal Tax | First Choice Tax Services - Tax Refunds in Nanaimo, BC

First Choice Tax Services offered professional affordable tax preparation for all personal income tax. Personal income tax includes:

  • anyone gainfully employed
  • students with little or no income and tuition credits
  • young adults with no income that qualify for GST/HST rebate cheques
  • senior citizens with pension and/or investment income
  • self employed individuals running a sole proprietorship
  • unincorporated partnerships
  • individuals with rental income (houses, condos, or suites)

In some of the above noted cases it is often beneficial if we complete the tax returns for the entire family. Canada Revenue allows certain unused credits to be transferred to dependents and/or spouses; completing the tax returns together helps us identify and transfer these credits in the most effective way for both parties involved.

It is your responsibility to provide your tax preparer with all the necessary slips and accurate information required by Revenue Canada. We have provided a tax checklist to help.

Personal Income Tax
Our tax experts are happy to assist you in the preparation of your personal income tax return. We offer a complete personal income tax service service to our clients. We prepare personal tax returns for individuals including employees, students, seniors, sole proprietors/self-employed individuals, investors (interest, dividends, capital gain), commission-only salespersons, rental property owners, truck drivers, etc. All returns are professionally prepared, reviewed by a partner and Efiled (where eligible) ,or when necessary a paper return is filed. Download our Personal Tax Checklist.
Canada Revenue Agency conducts annual sample audits on many individuals and companies. If CRA selects you, we will be ready to help.

Tax Planning

The best way to reduce your annual tax bill is to plan ahead. We are happy to work with you to help minimize your taxes. Below are several of the most common areas of planning:
• RRSP calculations
• Tax Free Savings Accounts
• Dividends vs interest income
• Pension Income Splitting
• Employment expenses
• Rental Income and Expenses
• Self Employed Income and Expenses
• Life Long Learning Plan
• First Time Home Buyers
• RESP’s