Why First Choice Tax Services? | First Choice Tax Services - Tax Refunds in Nanaimo, BC

2013Were starting to prepare for the 2013 tax season. Here are four reasons why you should let First Choice Tax Services file your tax return for you:

1. Our Professional Tax Advisors
If your looking to have your taxes done professionally you can count on one of our three advisors, Cathy, Mike, or Greg, to get the job done. Between them there is over 40 years experience filing tax returns. What happenes if you have a question outside of tax season? or perhaps you want to prepare for next years taxes? At first choice tax services all of our advisors work in taxation year round and are available to help you prepare for next year.

2. Our Price
In the 2012 tax season our standard return price was only $60 per person. That’s cheaper than the big corporate companies!

3. Reassessments
It is not uncommon for someone to be reassessed after the tax season for various reasons. Don’t panic! We are here to help, this is what we do for a living year round. If you are reassessed at any point in the year give us a call and we will be happy to help you sort it out, it’s nearly always free, it’s what we call proper service for our clients.

4. Your Other Options
A. Big Corporate
Every year we have new clients come in who can’t believe they have been using companies like H&R Block when we provide better service at a better price. The majority of the staff at the big corporate companies have very little experience in taxation, in some cases it only takes 2 weeks training to be qualified. This isn’t to say that our big competitors are all bad, were sure they have some qualified advisors. Though why would you want to take the chance, when you can come to First Choice and sit down with a professional.

B. Do it Yourself
Doing your taxes yourself is obviously a viable option, if you know what you are doing. Many third party programs offer simple software to help guide you through your taxes, the problem is they don’t help you determine what credits and deductions you may qualify for. When the program costs $30 and you have to spend hours preparing, filing, and submitting your tax return, wouldn’t you rather just pay $60 for a professional to take care of it for you?

At First Choice Tax Services we are available to help our clients and future clients year round. Our team of experts are trained, experienced and ready to help save you money. If you want reasonably priced professional service when filing your tax return next year, contact First Choice Tax Services at (250) 753-7888.