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About Mike


Mike is a financial advisor, starting his career in 1986. He has been preparing personal income tax returns professionally since 1987. His 25 plus years as a financial advisor have provided him with invaluable experience in dealing with all tax matters, particularly those pertaining to investment income, capital gains and losses, dividend income, limited partnership income and losses, foreign investment income, RRSP, TFSA and RRIF tax matters.



About Cathy


Cathy has been a professional business advisor since 2001 offering business startup coaching, business consulting, professional bookkeeping, business development training, and tax services. Her 25 years experience in financial, computer, and systems analysis have provided her with thorough knowledge in dealing with all aspects of business and taxation.


In addition to personal tax preparation, Cathy offers a variety of other business services including full cycle professional bookkeeping, payroll and benefits administration, as well as personal and group training through The GenX Group Business Solutions. She is also able to provide Group Benefit plan insurance, Life and Disability, and Mortgage insurance.